Scaler 2 - bring back octave switch for the top A section, and max. 2 oct. transpose is not enough

Please bring back the Scaler 1 behavior for setting up semitones and octave in the top A section. It was simply just better in Scaler 1. Reducing useful things is not helpful.

In Scaler 2 you have only one semitone drop down now. It’s not good because…

  • I’m sorry, but it suckst when you just want to switch some octave up or down and have to use the drop-down and search for the right entry in a big list, or click 12 times.
  • You’re limited to -+2 octave which is not enough sometimes. High pitched strings in a sample set stat starts on a c1? In scaler 1 you had a lot more and it was not a problem. Not possible in Scaler 2!
  • In Scaler 1 you could just transpose +3 semitones and switch the octave quickly in addition. Now you have to calculate instead of just adding octave ± in addition.

It’s not ideal you are right. I am thinking:
Click on ST and it will switch to OCT
Shift click / right click on < OR > and they will jump by octaves
We can also make the octave range higher

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Yes, adding more range is very welcome. Thanks for considering.

Actually, both ideas would be an enhancement. But a perfect solution would be a way were you don’t have to switch anything. I understand that you want reduce it to the max, but this control worked really well in Scaler 1. And this long pop up is also not that nice. :slight_smile:

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but I think best would be to bring the Scaler 1 solution back. :slight_smile:
Or what about a control like the one now, but with just one arrow above and one below to add ±12. Like a directional pad, which you have on a lot of devices?

Related to your question about the ideas:

Sometimes I’m with one hand on the piano and with the other on the mouse. Shift will work too, but not having to move my hand to the computer keyboard to do it is a bit nicer. In this case I prefer the first idea with the click on ST to switch to OCT. That said, the < > arrows are pretty near to the ST area. A bit padding would help against accidental clicks.

When I’m using scaler only with the cursor, which happens very often, I prefer the shift solution, because it’s faster.

For both cases it’s important that OCT is just added to the current semitone transpose. So that you could set +3 semitones and then switch oct up and down with this offset.

OK great thanks. I’ve lodged it internally we will have a look at some options. Thanks for feedback very useful.

I agree. I just upgraded to Scaler 2 and have spent the last hour trying to figure out how to move up and down octaves in the top section ie bind A. I’m surprised this has been removed as this is one feature I use all the time. If you could please bring this back, it would be a huge time saver and very much appreciated!

Is this feature from Scaler 1 looking at coming back?

Just checking you are aware that you just click the ST dropdown menu and select -12 or +12 to raise or drop octave? We will improve this but functionality is still there.

sorry im a newb, what do u mean by ST dropdown? what is ST? I’m looking to change octave on the A menu too…


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sorry but what version is this? as you can see I don’t have this option, only the audio/midi option

**edit: Oh I see, I can change the octave only if I select any Artist scale style, i can’t do that if I do it with audio/midi file, am I right?

Oh, I see… You’re right - it’s only available to saved patterns (song, artist, user).

Obviously you can drag all into section C and move however many octaves you want but yes I guess we should have OCT functionality in section A