Scaler 2 causing Logic pro X to Crash


Everytime I load Scaler 2 into Logic Pro X 10.6.1 , MacOs Big Sur, apple M1 11.2.2. I get this message. (screen shot attached)

“an audio unit plug-in reported a problem which might cause the system to become unstable. please quit and restart logic pro.”

Then Logic closes automatically. This only occurs when I use Scaler 2. Sometime Scaler will work for 10 minutes Sometimes its only a couple minutes, but it always seems to happen. It will happen with very little CPU usage like 3 instrument tracks playing. As you can see in the screen shot, 1 pad sound from serum and scaler was playing a melody and it crashed.

please help!



Hi @Melkin

there is a fix coming for this in the next update, for now, you can run Logic Pro under Rosetta for more stability: