Scaler 2 crashing whenever more then 4 midi channels are involved (Atom2/Loopy Pro)

Hi Folks,

iPad pro 3gen, ios 17.4.1, Loopy Pro as host, Scaler 2/2.8.1

All works well, unless the midi-source (in this case Atom 2) sends out midi on more then 4 channels. In the example attached, there is only midi-data on channel 1, channels 2-16 are emtpy. When selecting or unselecting an extra channel above a total of 4, Scaler will reboot.

By default, Atom 2 has all channels activated. In this case, Scaler will crash/restart on every start/pause from the DAW. When (un)selecting channels, there appears to be a constant break at channel 5. It doesn’t matter if channel 5 or above is activated or disabled, both actions will trigger a crash.

Workaround is simple, stay below 5 channels; not an urgent matter as I don’t need 16 channels going into Scaler. However, it took some community effort to find the cause of the crashes, so maybe this can help other users experiencing an unstable Scaler/Atom combo.

Regards, Thomas


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