Scaler 2 Cubasis Saving Options

How can the user opt for Scaler 2 Cubasis to share its midi files into a specific folder?

For example a drop box folder?
Or a folder on the users desktop titled Cubasis Midi Files?

I guess on the PC version of Scaler 2 these saving limitations don’t exist
On Cubasis Scaler 2 user has to save to (default, unknown directory), then individually select each midi file, and manually transfer it to a known folder onto the iPad

Then copy said iPad folder (via Airdrop presumably, or email; but email seems to not work?) to the MacBook or other device

Isn’t it easier if user can just select all scaler 2 midi files in the scaler 2 cubasis app - and then email them to wherever? Once the weekly work is finished user can delete that weeks assortment of midi files

In my example the user is using scaler 2 cubasis in conjunction with the Logic Pro
Making melodies on the go through out the week, then improving them and incorporating them into larger soundscapes in Logic Pro