Scaler 2 - edit chord workflow is still the workflow slow down #1

I was the weekend in the studio with Scaler 2. Over time I noticed that the workflow how you edit chords is my biggest workflow slow down. There is ‘Edit’ and ‘Edit chord’ in Scaler, I tried to use always these words to make it clear which one I mean.

I try to get happy accidents often with Scaler. Speed is king for it.

Going to ‘Edit chord’ with 'shift + click is way better than before! But still, I miss the effortless and speed I had in Scaler 1. It was a quick click with the mouse on the ‘edit’ button below each pad. I need two hands still with ‘shift’ to do the same. I send the Midi from Scaler to synth often and I use the other hand to play with cutoff or tune on the synth sometimes. This is were the ‘shift’ key is inferior to the edit button directly in Scaler.

So my suggestion #1 for Scaler 2 is to make the edit and modification workflow of chords really fast and effortless. The minimalism in this area doesn’t do any good to Scaler 2 imho.

Why not extending Scaler 2 in the height by 100 pixel or 200 pixel? You could add the ‘edit’ , ‘octave’, and ‘inversion’ button again below the pads to make the ‘Edit chords’ and ‘Edit’ workflow a lot faster.

I miss the removed undo/redo button in Scaler 2 too. When you click on ‘Edit chord’ to change some notes in the chord, you can’t undo it anymore in Scaler 2. This worked well in Scaler 1.

Its not ideal but you can undo in edit mode.

Wanted to bump this thread for a related challenge I’m having in Scalar 2 vs. Scalar 1 w/ the “Edit Chord” functionality and how the Scalar 2 update has slowed down creativity and productivity. In Scalar 1, once you loaded a progression to Section C, you could easily experiment with editing the chord in a given pattern to see how the chord fit with the rest of the progression. For example, if you wanted to experiment with the 3rd chord in a 4 chord progression, you could access the edit chord feature, and play the first two chords of the progression via your keyboard while clicking on and off notes in the 3rd chord in the progression to see what sounded great and I really got awesome results with this easy workflow. In Scalar 2, by contrast, this workflow is gone and makes editing the chords to find better progressions cumbersome. When you enter into “Edit Chord”, (1) I’m not able to play the other chords in the progression (e.g., the first two chords per my example) and (2) it’s much more difficult to play around to determine what the “3rd chord” (via my example) should be. Would you consider adding this work flow for “Edit Chords” back to Scalar 2 please?

Hi @sfgiants

have you tried the latest 2.1 update? We’ve updated the Edit Chord screen to allow for bind and playback while editing.

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Wow. Just downloaded it. Thanks!!

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