Scaler 2 First impression

Hey Guys,

I was really impatient to jump to Scaler 2 and my first impression when I opened the plugin was: Whaaaatttt! What is this Chord font size?? It was already not very big in Scaler 1 but now it is just so small…
I can’t believe that you guys did this on purpose if not because of technical challenge, that’s why I hope I didn’t loose my money for nothing and that a near update will increase the size of the font but despite all great qualities and improvements until such time I just wont use Scaler 2.


Hi @Julian

have you noticed the customisation settings? You can change the font and font-size to improve legibility if you wish


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Hi Ed,

Yes I have seen it but the size of the chord is still really small in comparision with the overhaul size of the plugin who take almost the whole part of the screen at 1400x980… Sorry but I feel it very not convenient, I will keep on using Scaler 1 for the moment.


I think it’s fair to assume that most folks are using a monitor with HD resolution these days. I know I may be a bit nuts with using a 32" TV set for my primary computer display.

I know it’s not that helpful but a larger monitor with at least HD (1920x1080) is sort of the minimum if you really want to get much done in a DAW these days at least without driving yourself crazy. If I was getting new, I would want at least 2560x1600 if not 4K (3840x2260)

To be fair there doesn’t seem to be any minimum screen resolution requirements listed for Scaler 2. There probably should be.

welcome @RBIngraham
Hard to define minimum screen sizes really though as its all about eyesight and screen DPI also isn’t it? I must say I’ve been surprised by the amount of problems users have had with screens. Not surprising given the vast variety of features we have to deal with. Food for thought moving forward and hopefully a redesign with some promise.

I completely understand. It’s a bit of slippery slope. I do think a minimum screen resolution if a fair specification point in software requirements however. Most UIs require at least some sort of minimum screen resolution in order to be able to fit the entire UI on the screen or even if the UI is one of those really resizable GUIs, there is still a minimal resolution at which the GUI sort of requires to be useable in the manner it was intended. Obviously this is different than screen size. That’s kind of hard to specify as you note. But if you say you need at least a 1920x1080 screen, that usually is going to require a screen of a certain size as well. Although I have seen some pretty darn tiny HD resolution screens.

Anyway, just a thought. I haven’t really had an issue using Scaler 2 on my large HD primary monitor or the laptop screen with is only 1600x900. But I have to wear glasses to read anything on the smaller screen and even some things on the large screen. In the grand scheme of suggestions, this would certainly be really low on the “list”, if I was the maintainer of such a list. :slight_smile: