Scaler 2 for IOS stuck in demo mode after purchase problem

I bought Scaler 2 for IOS while Black Friday sale was on. Now my problem is after I purchased Scaler using the in APP option it did not come out of demo mode. I would like to know how to fix this and I also called Apple tech support. Apple support did not even try to help me fix it instead they just offered me a refund. I took the refund but I would like to purchase it again and get it going. Will I able to get the Black Friday price still? I have the purchase INFO if needed. Pleas let me know if we can work this all out. Thanks. IPAD PRO M2 12.9"

Hi, were you connected online when trying to activate your in-app purchase? Should work fine never had issues with it before. I would just quit out of the app and reload and ensure your iPad is connected to WiFi.

Thanks for your reply Davide and yes I was connected to the internet that was how I was capable of downloading the demo and making the in APP purchases. The purchase was on the card we used so it did go though apple support sent us a text to confirm.

Hi Davide so Apple completed the return in 48 HR like they said. I will try to do the in APP purchase again today i hope all goes well. Wish me luck.

It loaded without being in demo this time after the in APP purchase YEAAAAA. Let’s gooo. Thanks for your reply Davide, have a great day.

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