Scaler 2 Freezes after launch on iPad Pro

As the title states Scaler 2 (latest version). I have an iPad Pro, iPadOS 16.2.

The startup screen shows for about 20 - 30 seconds and then the app disappears. Although if I double press the home button the splash screen shows up.
Bringing it to the foreground doesn’t help. I’ve let it run for eight hours and it remains frozen at the splash screen.

Does anyone from customer support bother to look at these posts?

Welcome to the forum @BlamongFromAndromeda There are thousands of users around here but generally on New Years day I would imagine not many online!
I’ve got the same setup as you and don’t have any probs, nor have we had any other users report anything similar. Can you upload a picture of what you are seeing or calling the ‘splash screen’. Obvious and stupid question but have you quit out of all apps, deleted Scaler, rebooted the iPad and then reinstalled Scaler?

Hi @davide , thanks for replying. I understand that it’s New Years Day, etc.but I posted this almost a week ago and didn’t even get the courtesy of a response asking for more information or “We’re looking into it” until you posted.

That being said, I have replaced Scaler on the iPad, rebooted, and reinstalled Scaler prior to posting my bug report. I’m a software developer myself so I do know how to troubleshoot :wink:

Sorry, I thought the term “Splash Screen” was pretty common terminology since I’ve been using it in development for the last twenty years. It’s the very first thing a user sees when they first launch the app. In Scaler’s case it’s the blue logo/icon.

A static screen snapshot won’t show the behavior that I’m referring to so I will upload a very short video.

Thanks again for the reply.

Well apparently MP4’s aren’t supported as an upload. I’m attaching a screen snapshot but I’m pretty sure that’s going to be useless.

I’m not a software developer and I have the same setup as you which works fine so you would probably have more of an idea as to why it’s hanging than I would. Maybe our software developer @Ed1 could help you?

Hi @BlamongFromAndromeda

I think this could be due to an auto-save that went wrong and Scaler is trying to reload a corrupt state on startup which makes it hang.

You can try to go to the “Files” application on your iPad and remove the problematic file:

  • Close and quit Scaler.
  • Open the Files application
  • Navigate to “On My iPad”
  • Open the “Scaler2” folder
  • There should be a file named “autosave-state”
  • Rename the file to something else like “_autosave-state”

Reload the Scaler application. It should not hang on startup anymore. By using a different name Scaler will not try to load the previous state and should start a new session.

If this fixes the issue, could you please send us the “autosave” file that was causing the issue so we can investigate what went wrong.


Thanks @Ed1 it turns out there was indeed a zero byte “autosave-state.xml” file in that location. Unfortunately renaming the file to “_autosave-state.xml” did not solve the issue. Scaler still displays the splash screen and then crashes.

For some reason when I attempted to upload that file I got a dialog box from your website stating “New users cannot upload files” which I did not get when I uploaded the first screen snapshot. Very puzzling, because as you can see I am able to upload the screen snapshot of the dialog box saying I can’t upload! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You cannot upload any file beside jpg or ,mid files. If you use Google Drive or another online service you can upload there and post a link.

Strange that it stated “New users can’t upload files” if everyone is limited to only .jpg or .midi files. Why didn’t it state that uploads are limited to those file types?

Well, that kind of limits debugging then.

Hi @BlamongFromAndromeda

Have a look in your iPad settings and make sure Scaler is allowed to access the microphone.
You can check this under Settings > Privacy > Microphone.

@Ed1 I checked that setting and I don’t see Scaler listed. In fact, I don’t recall it asking me for access to the microphone either the first, second, or third time I’ve installed it (I just did that to make sure I wasn’t forgetting to allow it access previously).

The board is a third party product (Discourse) so I doubt if the Scaler devs have any control over that. I take your point, and it can be irritating, but it’s not uncommon.

Here, BT cloud (BT are I think the largest net provider) does not accept a wide range of files and on trying to effect an upload, the system says ‘OK’ but doesn’t do anything.

I think all hosts will seek to exclude file types which {in their view {1} might be capable of execution {2} might have 3rd party copyright content - BT won’t even let you upload your own stuff on that basis (!) or because there are file storage limitations.

So I do agree, but potentially there is some rationale. What is really annoying is (if like BT) there is no formal list or set of rules issued.

@Ed1 I’m sure your busy. But do you have any idea why I never got prompted to give Scaler access to the microphone? Attached is a screenshot of all apps requesting access

The list only shows the app that have already requested access. This would mean that Scaler is hanging before it even gets the chance to get permission from the system. This is odd as it is one of the first thing it does when starting.

Is Scaler in the list of apps when you scroll down in the settings?

Do you have any audio devices connected to the iPad, maybe Scaler can’t access the audio device to request permission. Check if there’s anything that could interfere or maybe try to connect an audio device, either wired or Bluetooth and try to launch Scaler.

No, checked that as well. Sorry I should have added that to the reply above. Bluetooth isn’t on so that shouldn’t be an issue I would expect. No other apps are running at the time I fire up Scaler either.

Wish I could send you the short vid I made of the start up behavior, it would probably help. I don’t have a Droxbox account (never had the need for one) and I wouldn’t touch anything Google with a ten foot pole (well, except for YouTube).

Oh, and I have my iPad attached to a Focusrite iTrack Dock (it has several audio inputs).

When I detached it from the iTrack Dock it works! But that sucks if I can’t use the iTrack Dock because that’s how I get my audio into my iPad.

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So I’ve discovered that Scaler will launch if I don’t attach it to the iTrack Dock. And it seems to continue to run if I reattach it to the iTrack.

It also will detect audio although there is no monitoring sound output.

@Ed1 Is the fact I’m not hearing my keyboard input a setting issue? I can’t seem to find any “monitor” setting though. Where can I fix that?

Hi @BlamongFromAndromeda

You can check the MIDI coming in Scaler at the top of the window. It should display the note or chords you press.

For the audio detection, in the detect screen after pressing record, the popup shows the level of audio coming into Scaler.

There is no real monitoring view but this should help you figure out what is working or not.

@Ed1 1 Yes, as I mentioned I can see that audio is coming in but not being able to hear my input throws my playing off.