Scaler 2: How driving BBCSO and Garritan World Instruments

I found the easy way to use my BBCSO with the BBCSO Ableton templates that come in 2 flavours:

One more complex, subdivided by instruments and articulations
One simpler, just subdivided by instruments

I customized the latter already, putting one Scaler instance before any instrument

Now I have to find the best (easier) way to change note-ranges because the few note-ranges in Scaler are not enough and not customizable to cover all instruments

So problem (partially) solved for my BBCSO


I tried the same trick with Garritan World Instruments but it didn’t work YUK

I cannot understand why setting multiple Scaler on different MIDI channels is not enough to trigger the different instruments in a Garritan ensemble, that are each on a different MIDI channel :thinking:

Tonight I’ll try other workarounds and if no one work, I’ll contact the Garritan support for advice
They have a forum also, but it seems dead to me

Got it!

Here is how
I was wrong thinking that Garritan World Instruments was to be set as usual with “In” selected, while Auto is the right option :astonished:

The problem is that after having added all the needed instruments…

I have too much tracks and my VB3 is out of the screen…

But I just found the Grouping option (that is not finding cool groupies, unfortunately :rofl:)

So after having did the mix into the Garritan, I can add the other instruments and still having a few tracks to check: brilliant

In a while I was able to compose a brief riff in the Compay Secundo style, but using some African instruments, so I called it Compay Africano

How were you able to find that since you avoid tutorials? Read the manual :thinking: Hmmmm. That doesn’t sound right. A mystery indeed. Yet fortunate for you! Well done!

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I just wiped my…

crystal ball