Scaler 2 ios how to delete individual chord

Scaler 2 ios how to delete individual chord
Only using a mouse

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Hi @Markb and welcome to the forum.

If you press the ‘shift’ button in the bottom left and then click on the chord you would like to remove, you will see an option to ‘remove chord’.
Hope this helps!

Hey @james i can confirm this works in section C…is there anyway we can get this same behavior in the detect Section A where we are working out what we want to drag down to C?

Thank you so much James.
Further…… when I get a song going in a way I like…I save it.
But when I go into user and click on what I’ve saved I find I’ve lost my work and just have the bare bones of the 1st line.
In a nut shell how do I save my work then recall it later?
Thank you

Hi James,
I really enjoy Scaler 2 on the iPad, but I find this workflow really frustrating.
It would be amazing if you could just drag the chords and drop them outside a slot to delete them. Pressing shift and then choosing the chord and then selecting delete takes two steps too many to do this fundamental operation.

I get it @0xbenedikt but there are many factors we need to consider. Dragging between sections is one. Performing and holding chords is another. It’s a fine line and having to press the Shift key is definitely more time consuming than we’d like but it was a safe start. Maybe we could try a move and hold (more than a certain distance) and it puffs away or maybe even a two finger drag away? Would be good to get more users thoughts.

Hello Davide, thanks for your response.
My first thought was dragging with one finger and then touching the screen with a second finger to delete. I’ve seen other apps use a delete-drop-zone (area to drop on to delete) or destroy when dropped outside a drop-zone (e.g. the Mac dock).