Scaler 2 iOS iPad Launch Video

Congrats to all the team for the hard work. Scaler 2 iOS launching June 24th. Very exciting. Launch Video here.


I’m always the most relaxed when I’m in bed.
It used to be my dream to compose music in bed.
SCALER helped me make it happen.
Many thanks to the SCALER team. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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seems like a mandatory purchase. :grinning:

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This is a must buy, can’t wait

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Is there an Android version planned?
If not, I’ll continue to use the bed as usual, I’m afraid.


That’s a must buy for me, and I’ve already recommended to someone

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This is definitely a must-buy!
All the hard work that went into making this deserves the purchase!
Thanx to the entire Scaler team for making this possible.
Now you have me salivating over what can be coming for version #3!


Is it still possible to get a beta-invite?

I to use Android and would like a version for it, but I think I’d prefer Scaler to go forward rather than sideways.

Good news! Looking forward to get it as soon as it´s been launched.

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Awesome! I would love to see some of this implemented in the oxi one sequencer.
A collaboration would be awesome!! @davide scaler 2 in hardware could be amazing!

Welcome to the forums @manu . I agree that a hardware based version of scaler could work really well. First thing is first and improving the formula for live and composition is still a thing. There will be a time but I don’t think we are mature enough yet.

Thank you so much for scaler 2 iOS!

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Great app in so many ways.
There is no other better!!
It works so well in IOS environment.
Congratulations for the excellent work.

after purchasing the upgrade for $18.99, the next time I opened it tells me that the network cannot verify purchase. Apple Apps store shows receipt. This can’t require constant connection to the network, right?
Also, I get no sound using a charge-through adaptor and my Scarlett Solo. Works on Garageband with no issue. 2022 IPAD Air 256GB.

Has the Pad version been released? Where can I download it and how much does it cost?

In fact, I already found it and bought it. What more comfortable than the bed on his back to compose. :grinning:


scaler lite makes sound in GarageBand, Scaler 2 doesn’t. What’s up with that? Stand-alone is fine.

I’m not sure Mrs Yorkeman would go for music making in bed. My artistic skills in this department are ‘tolerated’ in my den… :neutral_face: