Scaler 2 iOS Key switching?


Is there a key switching feature in the iPad version if scaler 2?

I’m trying to trigger the bindings in pad mode, and I’m sending midi notes C1 to D1 via another program through channel 3, midi is coming in from the other program to scaler to trigger the section C bindings in the main Menu.

Also is there a way to send CC so I can transpose or move through the circle of 5ths within a particular progression set?


Hi @ShaneOne and welcome to the forum.

Yes key switches are a feature in Scaler 2 and by default they are generally mapped C1-B1.
With C2 up reserved for the chord bindings (though this can be altered by changing the active bind keys in the settings).

In regards to pad mode, your first pattern will be mapped to C1, second to C#1, third to D1 and so on. The green dot next to the pattern will illuminate on your currently active pattern. Once you trigger the keyswitch for the respective pattern, you then need to trigger the chords in that pattern with C2 and up.

Scaler 2 can also receive CC messages to trigger a range of predetermined commands, these can be found and assigned CC in the command mappings window (press on the Scaler logo icon in the top left to access this). Though at this stage the functionality you are looking for with the circle of fifths is not possible.

Hope this helps.

Hi James,

Thanks for your reply! I looked and the active bind keys option does not seem to exist on the iPad version of scaler 2. Could you possibly confirm this?

Also, how can I get the audio autodetect function to work in Cubasis 3 ? I’m not sure how the side chain works there. Are you familiar with that for iOS?

Hi @ShaneOne

You can find the active bind key settings in the context menu to the left of the keyboard display just underneath the Sound Selector.

and the easiest way to use the audio detection feature in Cubasis would be to load ScalerAudio 2 as an insert effect onto the audio channel you have your audio on.

Thanks so much James! will I be able to send midi out and use it as a voice when I use it as an insert?