Scaler 2 iOS volume

Hello! I got my Scaler 2 iOS and it amazing! But the volume is low compared to other music apps on iPad Pro 2021 and I suggest thé rising of the volume!

I think I agree with leoncenhos.
I am very impressed with the visual and the usability of Scaler IOS, but I think volume could be a little higher.
Anyway Scaler IOS is a great music production app in the IOS environment.

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Welcome to the community @leoncenhos Are you talking about the volume when you click on a chord box? Go to settings and adjust the ‘Scaler UI Velocity’. By default it is set to 80 but you should be able to set it to 150.

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Hello Davide! Many thanks for you quick response! It is exactly what I am talking about! I saw UI velocity and put it at 150. The volume is risen up a little more. I wish you put it at 200 to get a sensitive rising! Thank you for all! This is app is a great WONDER!!