Scaler 2 is good at... Love song

Hi pals

Scaler 2 + some plugins allowed me to create a love song for my wife

Scaler-State for guitar.xml (35.1 KB)

The guitar used

BTW, the version 1 of UJAM guitars is not bad at all, now that I got how of using them with Scaler 2

My voice is poor because lacking a sound-proof area I had to whisper the text during the night, but my wife is very happy and this is the only thing that matters :heart_eyes:

Che Bella Canzone

A note about the text: I have sung it on the fly, using an improvisational theatre technique; the textual result is fine to me, so I think I’ll use it often in the future

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I love this! You’ve inspired me. I’ll post my Italian-American Scaler 2 love song very soon. I’d leave to hear more of your work!

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I am happy to inspire love songs