Scaler 2 / Kontakt Multi Out / Reaper

I’m a bit confused here and not sure if what I am doing is not possible or I am overlooking something obvious.

I am using Reaper with Kontakt multi out (so one Kontakt track and a midi track for each instrument).

When I add Scaler 2 as a MIDI effect on the track of one of the instruments, not the main track then I place some MIDI on the track, it is ignoring scaler 2. So the routing seems to use the MIDI off the track straight to the instrument.

Bit more confusing details:

  1. Add Contact and 2 instruments
  2. Get my chords into Scaler instance 1 and add binding for the chords
  3. Recording the chords with binding as a MIDI item
  4. Now add Scalar instance to MIDI track 2. Sync from Scaler instance 1. Chords all look good and if I play by hand they work
  5. Copy my MIDI Item to this track, this is single notes that should play the bound chords
  6. It just plays the single notes.

So it appears the routing takes the MIDI off the track first.

Confused? I sure am :smile:

this has sat a bit. have you also checked the REAPER forum?