Scaler 2 loses time in iPad logic pro

I found Scaler 2 losing time when using it in Logic Pro on an iPad Pro. By default the iPad sets itself to a 48k sample rate. If I set it ti 44.1k the timing seems fine.

Is there a way to set Scaler 2 to behave at 48k. As other stuff on the iPad wants 48k.

Maybe someon has the answer.


Hi @teunis This is a result of a known bug with Logic Pro that Apple are aware of. We are still awaiting a fix from their end:

It seems Logic on iOS will always pass a samplerate of 44100Hz to MIDI FX AUv3 even though the default project sample rate is 48khz.
Scaler cannot detect that the project is using a higher samplerate which results in the timing of articulation being wrong when played alongside a click track or other elements in Logic. Because Logic always return 44100Hz there is nothing we can do to adjust this from the Scaler side.

It seems Apple is aware of the issue as well: How is AUv3 MIDI plug-in supposed … | Apple Developer Forums
and we would hope to see a resolution to this issue with future Logic updates.

We suggest users set and keep their project sample rate to 44.1khz if they would like to use ScalerControl as a Midi effect or to use the Instrument version of Scaler which does not have this issue.

Thanks Davide I knew you’d be across it.