Scaler 2 mimicking Action Strings

As I am still learning movie compositions, I am slowly able to incorporate Scaler 2 into helping me create chord progressions and it has become a lifesaver. I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a way that scaler 2 can create runs/trills as I have seen in Action Strings 2. I am on the fence in buying it ($299) but if scaler 2 can do it, that would save me a bunch.


Runs and trills are outside of Scalers actions. It can do Action Ostinatos and such with a tight aggressive string patch. But for runs and trills, very idiomatic for each instrument group, there are other tools for those.

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I appreciate the quick response.

Yes, but not in the same way as I expect is available in the instrument you mentioned, which I don’t know.

The Yes, part has to do with using Scalers’s functions combined with editing in the DAW. Use the Performances other melodic features of Scaler and set them to playback at 2x and use your DAW to “time stretch” MIDI parts if it has that feature. It won’t be exactly like a sophisticated symphonic instrument with great orchestral-part presets, but Scaler can certainly to do runs and trills of various kinds. You may use the “white keys” to even step enter melodies that match chords automatically.

Give it time. Scaler’s learning curve is pretty fast, but it has a lot of depth and you need to develop workflows that you’re comfortable with.

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Thanks, I use studio one 5 so I am not too sure about the time stretch but I will look into it. Great idea about the white keys thing, thanks.

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