Scaler 2 Modulation Masterclass

Just been on Plugin Boutique for the latest update and noticed that they have Modulation Masterclass on offer for 3.95. If like me you are trying to get your head around Scaler and all its functions this could be a big help. I’ve only watched a couple of the videos and I’ve learned such a lot, well worth the cost for me.

I’m new here… My 1st post…
Just now looking at the Scaler 2+ Bundle… Have not yet purchased.
Also looking at the Modulation Masterclass
Would most here recommend the “Producer’s Guide to Scaler 2” ?
Or is most of this information covered elsewhere?

Welcome, @block-head !

Scaler themselves and their distributor Plugin Boutique have done many excellent videos to get you into the product.

The starting point is at

There you will find everything to bring you to a good level understanding of its functions and capabilities, many done by El Maestro himself @davide - all high quality and accurate.

" recommend the “Producer’s Guide to Scaler 2” ?"
Personally, I’d check out all the vids and on the channel before jumping in. @davide is the ‘horses mouth’ .

As for the Modulation Masterclass, I just bought this for £0 (through credits earned on the Plugin Boutique web site from previous purchases), but it’s currently only $3.95 anyway. On modulation, also check out


Finally, there is a really wide range of folk on this forum, from music professionals to bedroom users, and a range of genres from aleatoric (what ??) through cinematic to rock; you will find them really helpful if you post request for ideas or information.


Thanks for the info… much appreciated.

Hey block-head, good to see you got such a thorough answer to your question. Dan

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Yes, quite thorough… “Horse’s Mouth” thanks again…

sounds good, I’ll take a chance on it…

Did someone call me? The aleatoric composer? ( scusi @ClaudioPorcellana :wink: )


It’s now $5. Wonder if it can teach anything not already covered by current free tutorials.

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The sessions are a mixture of music theory, song construction and ‘how to use Scaler’, following the common approach of showing something by example. I don’t think the videos are in any way not ok (I have no criticisms per se) , but my own personal take is that they would have suited me better if they were focussed on Scaler instruction part.
This is maybe because I have a stack of DVD’s on modal stuff (a whole DVD just on the locrian mode :face_with_thermometer:), and I would have preferred more application focus.

Module 1 - Progression Mode - Intro

Module 1 - Progression Mode - Lesson 1 - Creating the Chords Hook

Module 1 - Progression Mode - Lesson 2 - Working out keys in Progression Mode

Module 1 - Progression Mode - Lesson 3 - Arranging Sounds and Adding Transitions

Module 2 - Secondary Scale Mode - Intro

Module 2 - Progression Mode - Lesson 1 - Jamming with keys in Secondary Scale Mode

Module 2 - Progression Mode - Lesson 2 - Creating Hooks using Secondary Dominants

Module 2 - Progression Mode - Lesson 3 - Arranging Parts

Module 2 - Progression Mode - Lesson 4 - Techniques for Making Melodies

Module 3 - Modal Interchange Mode - Intro

Module 3 - Modal Interchange Mode - Lesson 1 - Modal Interchange Mode

Module 4 - Mediants and Neo-Riemannian Modes - Intro

Module 4 - Mediants and Neo-Riemannian Modes - Lesson 1 - Mediants Mode

Module 4 - Mediants and Neo-Riemannian Modes - Lesson 2 - Neo-Riemannian Mode

Course Outro

Thanks very much yorkeman. I appreciate your assessment/feedback.

In general I like the Producer Tech videos. Rob does a nice job with them. Having said that, I have the Producer Tech Guide to Scaler 2. I bought it as a bundle with Scaler not long after version 2 was released. At the time, I was really glad I got it. The Scaler team was obviously busy turning out a great product and so there were far fewer training videos from David at the time. The Producer Tech videos were a real help. However now I think you can get just as much of a leg up by watching all the great videos David has produced which are free. Also the Producer Tech Guide to Scaler is probably a bit out of date as there have been some major enhancements to Scaler 2 since it was made. So the integration of a few bits of music theory with the training could be helpful for those who don’t have at least a reasonable grasp on that already. But if you’re just trying to figure out how best to use Scaler, I would probably say to save your money unless they update them.

Since the Producer Tech Harmony with Scaler 2 videos are brand new, I’m sure they are with the latest or close to the latest version. I purchased it, mostly because it was very reasonably priced. But I’ve only had a chance to watch the first chapter or video. So I can’t really offer a proper evaluation.

I bought the course and unfortunately found it totally useless! Only confusing! He is using Ableton Live and I use a “traditional” DAW, Logic. And he is using only a single sample on each track instead of a “normal” virtual instrument. Why does he use samples from Loop Cloud? :crazy_face: Why not simply use the sounds/instruments in Scaler?
Sorry but I just don’t understand…
I do, however, understand everything he says about modulation but that is just the same as Davide has already explained in his excellent videos! Crap course!
It should be renamed: “Using Scaler 2 in a very odd way in Ableton Live!” (Only for Live users!!!)

Muy bueno el video de Producertech. Solamente para puntualizar que los videos deben hacerse no solamente en el entorno Ableton sino que deben abarcar otros Daw.

I have seen both courses.
The latest one on modulation to me is excellent and highly recommended, as its well structured, has good pace where speech and screen are well in line.
Different my view on the first (about Scaler in general) was to me disappointing due to confusing teaching style and a constant feeling that it was not well thought through.

Producer Tech is really geared to a very specific bunch of end users. Almost all of their courses are geared towards making electronic music. That is what Rob does as well as the other instructors there as far as I can tell. If you’re looking to make pop tunes or orchestral compositions or soundtrack music, Producer Tech training is probably not for you or you at least have to go in knowing that it’s going to be geared heavily to that style and you’ll need to think about how that might help you in your own work if that’s not your genre.