Scaler 2 Modulation Tutorial

Hi guys apologies for the delay but here is an in-depth Modulation and Unique Chord Progression in depth workflow video. Just note I am using 2.4 which is released May 27th 2021. Everything is relevant in other 2.x versions of scaler but the voice leading in the modulation presets has been improved in 2.4. Hope you enjoy!


Finally, thanks. Been waiting from the ‘20’s :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks Davide! :grinning:

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Hi there,

This video mentions Scaler 2.4 however it is not available for download, you mention above May 27th is that when I will be able to download the update or am I missing something?

Many thanks

Welcome @firefighter6182 Yes indeed 2.4 scheduled for May 27th. Lots of great content and new features inbound.


Thank you very much @davide for doing these videos. The timing doesn’t matter, we are very grateful you are doing these at all - especially since much of the tutorial goes beyond just product walk-through, but gives a gentle introduction into these advanced musical concepts for us theory-traumatized aspiring musicians :slight_smile: I gained some major insights into chord progressions and transitions from this video that I am already playing with and enjoying. So thanks again for the effort you put into this!

Thanks David…exciting stuff to be sure.
Now what I’m dying to know is whether Arcade ever responds…“yes Dave I would mind pitching into another key…I’m just not in the mood today”

Thank you, Davide. This is really helpful. This looked so complicated and thanks to this video I finally (and easily) understand a lot of things I could not understand until yesterday :slight_smile: This video was really worth of waiting.

Thank you so much for supporting and watching I am really happy it is helping some people, not sure if it’s clear in the video but it also helped me immensely better understand and utilise those features.

All software responds like that, you know that! I should do outtakes of this videos where I am swearing at Arcade, Scaler et all!

You are most welcome, again makes me really happy to be able to contribute something. Also thanks need to go out to @Ed1 and all the coders whom are scrambling to accomodate my needs for these videos and together we are always coming up with new ideas. A real fun part for me.

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I’d pay extra for those. :slight_smile:


Are there plans for adding minimized movement to the other modulations?
Can´t wait to see how customizable 8x8 pads will be.
I didn´t buy a new Launchpad because I wanted to get one strictly for Scaler. The new Launchpad Pro could be a great controller for Scaler with its ability to address different MIDI channels I think.

The customisation for 2.4 will be the chromatic ‘All Keys’ bind. I think we are struggling to get defined mapping presets at this stage although that is a big focus for future iterations. Still All keys works perfectly because you can set the starting key!

Minimise Movement works for mediants and neo-riemmanian. Voice Grouping works for all the rest and the middle lane suggested pathway will now play in the same range as your progression so for me personally it all starts to work so much better. Really makes it easily implementable just like the video.


Can´t wait to play it. Understand the struggles with mapping.
Think that in the long run most of us will play Scaler with different controllers at the same time. You never can have enough triggers as much as Scaler improves.

Cheers David, looking forward to seeing the update :slight_smile:

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oh one feature I would like to see unless I am missing something is, there are some great chord progressions, but when it comes to listing artists I have no clue who any of them are so have no clue what Genre they are in, is there a way to filter these progressions into genre rather than artist?


Thanks Davide, Can’t wait this looks awesome!

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Excellent tutorial! Good job David!!

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