Scaler 2 not dragging and dropping

Hi All

I am on a Mac Laptop, Running the Latest version of Ableton 11.2, im new to scaler, and have watched a number of Tutorials.

With Scaler in detect mode, i record my midi notes into scaler, this all works fine,i select my scale and do a few adjustments, I then select all the notes and want to drag and drop them down to pattern 1, it does not let me drag, it lets me select but not drag.

what am I doing wrong?

I’ve just done this so you can check your process
See – – Alphabase

Note it should work whether you {1} drop the chords on to the section C slots or {2} drop it onto the ‘pattern’ button. If you hover with the drop over the button, you will see it flash, and hen click.

This might be a ‘Mac’ thing… I’m on Windows

Hi @len and welcome to the forum,

If you are trying to drag single notes (and not chords) then this is normal. You can only drag chords to the Section C.

You can right click on the note and convert it to a unison chord then drag it down.