Scaler 2 oddest patterns are good at... Flamenco

I can say that up to a few days ago I always used Scaler in combo with AAS Strum-GS 2, or to UJAM Sparkle recently, using their AI

I was then persuaded that their specialized AI were better than plain Scaler performances, but I was wrong!

Try any of the following MIDIs to drive a nylon guitar (Keyboard option in AAS Strum-GS 2) and you should listen a series of flamenco riffs

Alma 1.mid (1.1 KB)
Alma 2.mid (1.9 KB)
Alma 3.mid (1.4 KB)
Alma 4.mid (1.5 KB)
Alma 5.mid (979 Bytes)

what do you think about these flamencoish MIDIs, José Juan @jjfagot ?

I think they are very good, but I have to study them a bit before doing anything. The rhythm is sometimes a bit complicated to put it in the order that I would like. I will also tell you that I had to put it 2 octaves higher to be able to hear it well. These days I have more work than usual, but on the weekend I will do something with them, and I will tell you about it. Thanks for sharing

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Version worked in Scaler from a midi file of my friend Claudio Porcellana. (Alma 1)

I leave you the Scaler file in case it helps you.
Alma1.xml (40.7 KB)



tonight maybe I’ll upload a tutorial in the Gipsy Kings style :grinning:
and I’ll try your Scaler file as well

excellent collaboration!

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