Scaler 2 on FL Studio MOBILE

I‘m new to Scaler 2 and also to DAW‘s on iOS.
Does somebody use Scaler 2 on FL Studio Mobile (iOS)?
If so, how can I connect the 2 together?
I‘ve been trying with Audiobus 3 but without success.
Any hints would be appreciated.

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Daniel Nonnweiler

Any help regarding this?

Or can I get access to the official support Team of Scaler 2 Mobile?

Thanks for any hint or help.

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HI @daniel.nonnweiler Welcome to the forum. We don’t have FL Studio Mobile so can’t answer the question specifically but Scaler 2 iOS works fine with and Audiobus/AUM/AUv3 compatible software which I can see from FL’s specs that it is. Have you tried loading any other Audiobus software or have you tried loading Scaler 2 iOS in Audiobus itself as a process of elimination?
I dare say sounds like a setup issue in FL. Check this for Audiobus setup:

FL Studio Mobile does not support AUV3 plugins so Audiobus is probably the best bet.
Here is a vid about using Audiobus with FLS Mobile:

FL Studio Mobile | Using Audiobus Apps - YouTube

Maybe that one combined with Davide’s setup video (above) will solve the problem!

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