Scaler 2 on IOS

Transfer to Mac with Airdrop or whatever method you find convenient. I would probably use Airdrop.

Have tried to open a file exported from iOS on Mac or is this just a theoretical suggestion?

This question was asked before and I believe David stated this should work. I’ll give it a try.

I just tried it again and it worked. I realize I had already tried it when I first got iOS Scaler. I sent it by E-mail and also saved it in Dropbox. Airdrop should work as well. Both worked. Have you tried it yourself?
I am on iMac with OS 10.15.7 and iOS 15.6

Yes, I tried it and it worked. Thanks for confirming it. It is odd that support thinks it is not possible.

I’m trying to run 3 instances of scaler in aum but it overwhelms the dsp buffer? I don’t know much about ios tech stuff. but i checked the node statistics and is definitely scaler. Any thoughts? I’m just using scaler for midi and not internal sounds so it shouldn’t be a resource hog. Thanks for any insight.

Never mind, I found the problem. I had daw-sync on at the same time I was triggering chords via external midi. So stuff was being trigger twice. Once I confirmed daw-sync was off everything worked as expected.