Scaler 2 - please but back the Chord Voicing below the Builder. Too much clicks

I admit, I’m not happy about the amount of collapsing and expanding of elements in the Scaler 2. It feels like hard work navigating the parts compared to Scaler 1. It takes a lot more clicks now.

The main issue is this.
I need to go to ‘Edit’ to change the chord properties like Octave, Inversions, Semitones in the Builder (lowest part with the ‘C’ label). In Scaler 1 it was directly below the Builder which was so easy to use and I never had to switch something.

Now I have to switch all the time between ‘EDIT’ open and closed. It’s also very slow because of the use of animations. Not a fan of animations and it looks even a bit dated trying to impress with it, frankly speaking. :innocent: Having the possibility to disable animations in the setting would be welcome.

But the main suggestion is to put the ‘Chord Voicing’ tab back directly below the builder like in Scaler 1 and use the ‘EDIT’ just for the sequencer stuff. You could call it ‘SEQ’ instead of ‘EDIT’ then.

Maybe it’s worth to consider if everything needs to be collapsed when you go to 'EDIT at all? I have no space problem and would love to see all this collapsing when using different things is Scaler 2 reduced.

Thanks for your understanding!

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@clavia I know I know, such a tough one and I agree with you in parts. But there had to be a way keep things accessible on the main page and this was the compromise. I guess we looking at EDIT mode being the main window to edit your chord prog. Your the first to point it out so lets get some other user feedback and thank you for yours!

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Alright. It was just something that I want to let you know to maybe enhance it. Don’t take it in a bad way.

If you are not calling me or any of the team bad words then we would never take it in a bad way. All feedback greatly appreciated.

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I second this request. It seems to take a bit more work to do a few things that were super easy in first version. Having the bind midi octave adjustment buried in the settings menu is similarly annoying.

I know you have more features to squeeze in to the interface now though, and I get that it’s not so easy.

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