Scaler 2 + reMIDI 2 = Insane Functionality & Endless Possibilities

Cross-posting this video just published by PluginBoutique’s Joshua Casper…
Scaler 2 + reMIDI 2 = Insane Functionality & Endless Possibilities - YouTube

I recently got reMIDI 2 myself because of its power in combination with Scaler 2. It opens the door to even more combinatorial performances and vast MIDI playback performances. I also find it a cool way to organize the Scaler 2 chord/progressions library


It’s amazing :+1:
Can FL Studio be used? I don’t know how to set it, and I didn’t find any videos on YouTube

I just tried. I don’t know, right
Remidi2 is the generator, then MIDI output port 1 to scale MIDI input port 1
Then scale output port 2 to heat up MIDI input port 2
Also set the scaler key lock to scale notes mapped
I don’t know, right
In this case, the role of scale is actually to ensure the internal tone of chord?
I began to play remidi2, which is a generator. Sometimes it’s designed in a mess, which makes me confused. The sound is also chaotic. Sometimes it can’t trigger the key I want to trigger in scaler

There are a lot of MIDI content in remidi2. The selection and setting process wastes a lot of time.
Not as fast as you can play.
I don’t think it’s a good idea.
The purpose of scale is to make music quickly
Remidi2 slowed it down a lot and confused my brain.
It’s just my personal opinion.
I still like the performance mode in Scale 2.3

@swingmix I hear you. There is definitely a learning curve with reMIDI, just like with Scaler. It doesn’t help that their paradigm is differently, as they fulfill different purposes.

As for how to route them in FL Studio, so far I have not directly connected reMIDI to Scaler, I just drag & drop chord progressions from Scaler into reMIDI slots. One of my motivators was that I only have the Lite version of Ableton 10, which is limited to 8 concurrent tracks. ReMIDI helped me open up that limitation, as each Scaler instance would use up one of the precious tracks in my Ableton.

I suppose you could route reMIDI into Scaler again, in order to use Scaler expressions/performances to articulate the chord progressions in Scaler. Now be careful not to create a feedback loop - it did sound a bit as if you are linking Scaler to reMIDI, and reMIDI back to Scaler in your FL Studio setup. That could cause problems.

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I prefer to use it directly instead of setting and adjusting it too complicated.
I just downloaded the demo and decided not to buy remidi2 for the time being
Maybe I’m too lazy :joy:

Makes sense. Glad you could try it out to find out if it suits you. They are supposed to be tools that enable us. If it turns out to be a burden, then there is no point. Honestly, I am still learning myself how to integrate reMIDI more fluidly into my workflow, but I am convinced that it can add another layer of capability. Plus, I personally like it complex, the learning curve is part of the fun why I tinker with electronic music :slight_smile:
Once I figure out a more elegant workflow between Scaler & ReMIDI, I may create a tutorial video of my own, who knows :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to your video.
Scaler has given me unprecedented help in music production.
The biggest help is:

  1. Save my time
  2. Quick inspiration
  3. Rapid production completed
    Now I use scaler for more than 12 hours every day. Try various chords for inspiration.
    What I’m looking forward to most is to put in the commonly used playing styles according to the classification of music. The more the better
    :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:
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I’ve just seen this on YouTube and was going to post the link but you beat me to it. For me it’s brilliant, yes it’s another learning curve, I don’t fully understand Scaler yet but I’ve got all the time in the world as I’m retired and doing this for fun, and that’s what it is all about for me.

LOL, your taste is the opposite of mine
I love the 0% hassle and 100% fun
:rabbit: :boom: :rofl:

I am a “journey” person, not a “destination” person :slight_smile:


EDIT: Information being research further,

I can think of a use case where it makes sense to send ReMIDI patterns into Scaler… chords into Scaler, Scaler performing expressions on them, articulations, and/or to keep things in a particular scale.

I hink it can work both ways if set right. I may have miss spoke. I just tried to open my reMIDI2 and Scaler project and Ableton crashes with ReMIDI now. I need to investigate that.

I just watch that video and it is quite different to how I was using reMIDI. This opens some big possibilities since it injects new patterns into Scaler. I found some Jean Micheal Jarre MIDI files and put those in reMIDI. Coolness!

reMIDI… :thinking:
Where I heard this name?
Got it!
SO, putting a reMIDI in my next musical project, will make it a Gold Record?


mmmm interesting & useful. thx :slight_smile:

scaler > phrasebox

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Scaler > BiB

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