Scaler 2 screen is frozen after closing it and reopening it

I have two tracks with Scaler 2 loaded. Sometimes I open one and close the other. One of the tracks is simply the instrument I want to play with the MIDI the other Scaler track is generating. My problem occurs after I open and then close any one of the two Scaler tracks. When I reopen them, I can hear sound, but the interface is frozen: the notes played do not highlight blue, and I cannot get the Pad view with my triggers to open. If I close my Cakewalk session and then reopen it, the problem usually disappears, until, of course, I open and then close and then try to reopen one of the Scaler tracks. I am using the most recent version of Scaler and Cakewalk on a Windows 10 Dell laptop. I have an IG7 processor with 20g of RAM, so I don’t think memory is the issue. I used to have the black screen issue, too, but I fixed that by turning of GL Rendering.

Any thoughts on why this is happening? I love Scaler 2, but this little bug is very annoying.

Kris Friday

Hey Kris…welcome.

I noticed you did not have any responses to your request so I thought I’d goose it a bit. Unfortunately I don’t use Cakewalk so I can’t try to reproduce your issue. Have you tried another DAW or VST host?
If not, you might try NanoHost as a free light weight host. A few here on the forum use it.

Another question is your audio driver. If you are using a native Windows driver, you might consider something like ASIO4All ASIO4ALL Official Home - news and updates …free, stable and will enhance your Windows experience.

Good luck and if you are in the US…Happy 4th of July!

Thank you!

I used to have ASIO4All but I don’t need it as my audio interface has a driver.

I think I am going to stick with Cakewalk, as I really like the DAW.

I have found that if I open a different VST before going back to Scaler 2, Scaler 2 doesn’t freeze when I reopen it.


Glad you found a workaround…IMHO Scaler is a great tool and worth the effort.