Scaler 2 Standalone version

This has been an old topic but since it did not get any love in the recent V2.1 update, l thought it might help to remind folks there is a free option:
NanoHost is a free, minimalist host application for Windows that can load Scaler 2 and can act as a wrapper which converts Scaler 2 into standalone application. This essential, tiny tool works best for live-performance, sound-design, jam-sessions and testing.

Works like a charm. Great to just noddle in Scaler 2, V2.1 without loading the DAW at times.

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This is great to hear. I’ve used the original
Scaler as a plug-in in cakewalk and ableton without any issues but scaler 2. Crashes my Daws every time. Even got the latest version yesterday same issue. I will try this to run scaler as a stand-alone and hopefully that works Scaler 2 is the best song writing tool available today. Just wish it worked or there was a stand alone version I’d be fine with drag and drop midi or exporting it

Welcome John !

Something really strange is going on because this has not been reported by Windows users here *** . (I’m assuming you use Windows because Cakewalk is not supported AFAIK on Apple)
I have both Cakewalk and Live with the latest Scaler version and I have yet to experience any issues. Perhaps you could confirm you o/s version?

Can you give any more information about the circumstances of a crash ? If you fire up (say) Live and drop in Scaler VST3 at what point does crash occur ? Do you have any other VST’s resident at the time which might cause issues?

I did use Nanohost but at my last attempt it did not support VST3, so I switched to the free version of Cantabile (I now have a paid version) See

*** Check the search for OpenGL, and in particular this post

I’m sure we can get this sorted !

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Yes windows 7 64 bit Last time it crashed It was my video card. But not sure about the times before also. I have no issues running ableton with Ezdrummer ezkeys and a bass player plug in along with multiple audio tracks it’s only scaler 2 that causes the crash. .

And btw thanks I will check out that VST player I’d be happy with that if I can get scaler 2 to work just to use as a songwriting tool.

Ah. When I said there were nor reported problems, I was thinking in terms of Windows 10 / 11. Do a search on the board, and you will see various issues which have arisen with Windows 7, although many of those were with Reaper, but they might offer some insight.

Possibly @Ed1 (key on the development team) may have some thoughts when they log in from Melbourne. However, I know they don’t have Windows 7 down there (understandably - it’s out of support ) so they can’t replicate anything on that.

Thanks for the info. I will admit my laptop is 8 years old and only 8g ram And I need a new computer but that being said haven’t had any issues with other plugins. I will try a few things and if unable to resolve will try cantabile as a work around for now till I get a new computer.


If i were you, I’d upgrade to Win 10, if still free. I have my 11yo desktop with 8 GB RAM,I think the CPU is Phenom by AMD, 4 cores. I could still use it with my DAW (Reaper), but it became slow for rendering . All the versions of Scaler work fine on it.
Well, 11 years is a venerable age for a PC, so I bought a new one in October.
I found Win 10 even lighter on my old machine compared to Win 7. OK, I did the cheap upgrade several years ago when I replaced the HDD by SSD but even before, win 10 looked a bit faster on that PC.