Scaler 2 stopped working on Mac OS

I have a very strange problem. Scaler worked completely fine. Today I opened the project again and Scaler does not receive any direct midi input nor does it play any sound. Also chord recognition does not work anymore. I already reinstalled the plugin, but it did not help.

Any ideas?

I am using Ableton as DAW and I am running Mac OS 10.15.5.

All other plugins can receive midi just fine.

Hi @Ponybob and welcome,

I am not sure what can cause this, have you tried rebooting your machine?
Is there anything you have installed or removed from your computer in between your sessions?

Also, are you using the latest version 2.0.9 ?

hy there working on windows 10. in ableton same problem, have updated, nada…

please can help us somebody?

I am having this problem. Was working fine no nothing. Working in Ableton. any one else?