Scaler 2 Strange Noise+Lincense file?

Hello everyone,
i´ve downloaded Scaler 2 on Plugin Boutique and since then every 2 minutes e strange noise appears and ruins the whole chords. I dont really know how to use Scaler… to open it,i choose it as a plug in on Logic pro X and i need to go trough a few Pop ups. One the last one i always took the one on bottom right to finally enter Scaler but now i can only click the option on the middle and on bottem left (Purchase a license/Register a license file). It either takes me to my finder where i need to register one (but i rlly dont know what to search for) or it takes me to Scalers Page on Plugin Boutique. I dont know what to do …

Welcome @Kaveli7 Go back to your Plugin Boutique, ‘My Account’ and download the scaler licence and read the Installation Instructions

It worked! Thanks a lot!! The noise is also not there anymore.

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You were in demo mode (unlicensed).

The noise is to discourage the “free” usage of the plugin without ever paying for Scaler.

Hope it wasn’t too much of a bother to you, as it was for me on my 2000 Watt speakers. :wink: