Scaler 2 - swod when stopping playback on Pro Tools 2024.6

  • Long or endless swod every time I stop playback.
  • Does NOT occur on Pro Tools 24.3.1.
  • Does NOT occur if Scaler is inactive.
  • Does NOT matter whether the Instrument track’s MIDI output assignment is to the track’s MIDI chain or directly assigned to the Scaler instance.
  • Using latest Scaler 2.9.0.
  • macOS Monterey 12.7.5. MacStudio M1.

Hi @brinybeats, I’m not sure I’m familiar with the behaviour you’re describing. Is it possible for you to upload a video of this occurring somewhere for us to take a look at?

Sure thing. Here’s a video of the issue, although you can’t see the mouse cursor turn into a swod.

Pro Tools Preferences > MIDI > “Default Thru Instrument” has to be set to “none” for this to occur.

BTW, Scaler never worked with Pro Tools’ new MIDI Chain feature introduced in 2024.3 due to constant errors (AAE -6101). It’s completely unusable with that feature, which is a bummer. However, this swod is a new behavior with Pro Tools 2024.6.

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Hi @brinybeats. Thanks for posting the video. I’m unable to replicate your exact problem however we will certainly look into this further.

We’re using an M2 Mac Studio with Mac OS 14 and Pro Tools 2024.6.0 and I am not getting any SWOD, however I am seeing AAE 6101 errors when pressing play again after stopping. Upon dismissing the error everything seems fine but it’s less than ideal.

We’ll speak to the devs and see what we can figure out and get back to you here. Thanks again!