Scaler 2 UI is sluggish on iPad hosts

Scaler 2 works very sluggishly in Drambo and Loopy Pro. The most noticeable symptom is that, when dragging a Scaler plugin window, the window contents lag behind the finger even up to a second. All four plugins (regular, lite, MIDI, audio effect) exhibit the same behavior. I’ve tried reducing the refresh rate of my iPad, restarting it and reinstalling Scaler, but none of that helped.

This is an 11-inch M1 iPad Pro. I can record a video later if that helps.

Thanks for taking a look!

Noticing the exact same in Loopy Pro 1.1.19
On an iPad Pro (12,9 inch, 3th gen)iOS 17.4.1
Sometimes the sluggishness is increasing, and
when that happens, once in a while the chords in section C won’t line up with it’s container.
I’ve also had scaler windowpanes remaining black.
I must add that in all cases, even the empty pane, the audio playing does not seem to suffer.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for confirming, I’ve had those glitches as well.

Just to be clear: the slow dragging behavior is at most a minor nuisance for me, but it happened to be the easiest way to illustrate the problem. The UI taking many seconds to react is the real issue, and I’m assuming these are related.

Just noting that this is still the case with version 2.9.0

The UI is sluggish on my IPad as well. Both in native and AUM (both versions of the plug-in), as well as BeatMaker 3. Sometimes the app even freezes for a couple seconds when clicking on the circle of fifths or changing menu screens.

Restarted the iPad, did nothing.

iPad 7th gen, iPadOS 16.3.1

Please fix this, the app is too frustrating to use to be useful in this state.

I have updated to iPadOS 17.5, still sluggish. The chords from the circle of fifths take 3 to 6 seconds to load when I change the root.