Scaler 2 UI Scaling Issue

I’ve encountered a UI scaling issue where the interface is visually off center and only takes up a portion of the window. I’m running the Windows 10 Education Build 18363, Live 10.1.14, and Scaler VST2 2.0.3. I use 125% custom scaling for Windows on a 3440x1440 display with Live also set at 125% zoom. Within Live, HiDPI mode is disabled and the option to “Auto-Scale Plugin Window” is unchecked.

I’ve already tried enabling/disabling HiDPI mode and enabling/disabling the “Auto-Scale Plugin Window” option. None of these has resolved the issue. (By the way, I never encountered this type of problem with the original Scaler, but looking around here I see that a number of others did.)

If anyone else encounters this issue, please leave a detailed description of the software used, versions, settings, and the display scaling information.

Hi @iconseq and welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting with all the info.
I have been able to replicate some of the issue here so we are working on a solution.

In the meantime we know the VST3 version has less resize problems, if you really want to have a play with Scaler while we fix this. :wink:

Thanks for the workaround, but I’ll hold off for a fix. The first Scaler was great and I look forward to digging more into this one. :smirk:

Let me know if you need anything else from me.

Just following up on this, I saw similar issues reported elsewhere in the forum, but the recommendation there to set the view size to 1000x700 does nothing for me. So I’m guessing that’s a somewhat related but ultimately different problem. However, I can also confirm that at least for me the VST3 version doesn’t exhibit this behavior as suggested. So that is an effective workaround for now.

I had the Scaler2 - scaling issuse using Bitwig 3.2
I use the latest Windows 10 with 125% scaled.
I just upgraded the Scaler2 to latest 2.07.
The plugin wasstill like it was magnified

In Bitwig, goto Settings / Plugins
And turn “Off” (uncheck) the Plugin, Interface Scaling.

Hope this helps.