Scaler 2 + UJAM Silk

Hi pals

The UJAM Silk v.1 is perfectly usable with Scaler, but apart that I found that playing EZBass with my hands is way more exciting than using its MIDIs, so here is one song

The Scaler status

Scaler-State_2023-07-27_003956.xml (42.6 KB)

The UJAM guitar below is driven by Scaler (a series of chords found with Suggest)

guitar.mid (14.4 KB)

EZKeys received that series of chords as well, but I then applied some of its MIDI pattern

The EZdrummer 3 line was found using Bandmate, a great Toontrack feature!

BTW, I promised a midi-tutorial about it, and I’ll do it later (not today)

I played EZBass with my hands, that is a lot of fun and no fingertips hurt :grin:

Here is the trick I always use to have most solo notes (bass, guitar, Moog, etc) in the right scale

Note that the quantizer must be used after recording, not before

I have to add that Live Harmony is quite an obscure tool, because it works leaving it to C: I don’t understand why always C nevertheless the scale used by Scaler or other instruments :astonished:

The Key Filter also is obscure, because sometimes works well with the same Scaler’s scale, while in many other situations it works better with other scales/roots
Again I don’t know why, so I just try & listen

And here is the result, Super Silk