Scaler 2 - Unify Integration Video from John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl

HOW TO: Get YOUR MIDI Effects into Unify - YouTubeScaler 2 in Unify

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Thanks, I’ve been needing to watch something on this.

Hi, new here but really loving using Scaler 2 and this helpful forum, you seem like a great group. I’ve been using Scaler with Unify after watching that video but have taken it one step further by adding multiple scalers as midi effects each set to the same progression but with different custom settings otherwise. For example one for chords only to drive say a pads layer, and some with various performance options. The choices are endless. It becomes a single plugin for a whole band. Anyone else have a different approach?

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Welcome @DavidBR ! Great to hear from you! Earlier this year I was sharing some videos illustrating how I combine Scaler + Unify, take a look if this is useful context for your experiences…

Scaler 2 Unify Intro - YouTube

Scaler 2 Unify Patch Examples - Just Sound No Talk - YouTube

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Hi @Bernd - I came across your postings on the Unify forum after posting my note above to you here at Scaler. I have since downloaded and installed your guru scaler collection for Unify and got those up and running. Can’t thank you enough for all that effort you put in as well as the videos. I had a small problem at first as Unify did not recognize my scaler install because I had only registered it in Unify as a midi effect and not a vst. Once I fixed that it all worked great. My biggest problem now is that my old Mac Mini doesn’t have the guts to run many layers in Unify - an upgrade to the M1 version is on my radar. Hopefully scaler will run fine on the M1. Cheers and thanks again for your help.