Scaler 2 v 2.07 not loading saved chord sets

I’m working with Scaler 2.07 and it will not load saved chord set. It loads the scale I was working in when I saved but the pattern stays at what was already loaded. Not one of the sets loads correctly and I have many works in progress. to be clear I am using Scaler 2 and these are saved from Scaler 2. It won’t even open one that I just saved.
Mac OS 10.13.6
Ableton Live 10.1.13

EDIT: I finally realized that Scaler 2 saves 2 things - The chord pattern AND the session. The session has the complete data I was looking for. Looking forward to the 2.1 update! Thanks again.

Hi @jamieh

yes, in the 2.0.9 update we have added an icon to the sessions in the list, it makes it easier to differentiate the two.

I suppose 2.10 will probably be the next victim after 2.09, so the wait shouldn’t be too long.

There have been a lot of improvements since 2.07 with many more planned.

Hoping that Scaler is all you’ve dreamed it would be and more.

Scale safely and carry a big DAW.

Scaler is becoming more then I dreamed it was. The more I learn the more amazing it is. I can’t imagine going forward without it. Brilliant piece of kit!

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