Scaler 2 - Version 3

I hear version 3 is on the way. This upgrade is going to be well worth the price
I am sure because Scaler 2 was so awesome and Davide and the gang are doing
their level best to make Scaler 3 even better!

A video by Davide would be nice to alert us of what might be coming our way.

Nonetheless, I am sure Scaler 2 users are eagerly awaiting version 3.


Can’t wait to see what Scaler 3 will be bringing to the table!

Yes we do intend to start sharing some bits with the Scaler community soon. I will make an official announcement next week and from there I want to start getting the community involved. I will say the next major iteration of Scaler is a significant change in many respects. Still the same things we love but a complete UX/UI overhaul and some major new features.


This is great to hear Davide! Thanks for sending this message out!

It is your dedication, professionalism and passion along with your
loyal team that have made Scaler such an awesome plugin.

We sincerely can’t wait for version 3.


Thank you again!

Please make a short vid on what’s coming.