Scaler 2 very slow in M1 Max Pro + Logic Pro

Hey guys,
first of all, thanks for your wonderful plugin which I absolutely love.
I use it on my Mac Studio under Monterey 12.3.1 and Logic 10.7.3 in Rosetta mode, and it is very laggy.
I’ve turned off Audio Detection and OpenGL as well, but it is still running pretty slow from time to time, especially when trying to copy chords from section B to C.

Do you guys have any advice to solve this small issue ?
Thanks for your time, take care

Hi @shadowkid, welcome to the forum and thank you for the kind words.

Is there anything running on your machine when you notice the lag? Have you noticed the same thing from other software?

I am asking because from the feedback we receive, it either runs fine or in some case the UI gets laggy but I don’t it comes and goes.


Hey @Ed1,
thanks for your reply

No, the whole machine is running pretty fast, as expected from a brand new 64go RAM Mac Studio
I guess I’m on the “UI gets laggy” side
Is it related to the M1 architecture ?


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Well, I’ve just purchased Scaler, and it’s running very slow for me too. Mac M1 Max with 64GB RAM, Monterey 12.3.1 with Scaler 2.5 as a VST 3 plugin in Studio One 4.5. Scaler is so laggy that it’s nearly unusable. Is there anything that can fix this?

Do I need to upgrade to Studio One 5?
Is Scaler slow just because I’m using Studio One 4.5?

Yeah, can confirm. M1 Max, 32GB, huge, music-destroying lag between key presses and chords coming out. UI is also janky when dragging and such. Logic Pro X 10.7.4 and Monterey. Not saying it’s Scaler’s fault – the last few releases of Logic have been slowly squishing M1-related bugs and an architecture transition is difficult for everyone concerned. Sure is annoying for one of my most-used plugins though.

It’s the same in the latest Ableton. I’m on a new MacBook Pro 16".

The MIDI is analyzed instantly, but if I click the cog for settings, it takes a full three seconds for it to appear. When I scroll in that pane, it takes a couple seconds for the text to shift. When I hit the X to close the pane, nothing happens for maybe four seconds.

I don’t think it’s a Logic issue.

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Does anyone know, when an update for native Apple Silicon M1 support is here?

Monterey (12.3.1) | Logic (10.7.4) | Scaler (2.5)

Hi @Ed1 , posting here with the same issue. I’m running Logic in Rosetta mode on an M1 Mac Studio. At times Scaler2 is really laggy to the point where it’s almost unusable. Removing it and re-adding it can temporarily improve things. Edit: in a quick test, running natively in M1 improves things a bit, but there is still some lag.

I had no issues on my MBP under Catalina - obviously the move to M1 meant a forced update to Monterey). Not experiencing this issue with other plugins.

Happy to test any beta releases and happy to try out any suggestions for a fix.

EDIT2: Upgraded to Monterey 12.4 to see if that improved things … now Scaler is completely hanging and causing the DAW to seize up. This is particularly odd because it’s running natively and I thought M1 introduced something where the plugin could crash without affecting the stability of Logic itself

Hi @EricJames

thank you for the detailed feedback. I did try Scaler 2.5 in the latest Monterey (12.4) but I do not experience those crashes.
I used an M1 MacBook air to run my tests and I did not experience the slow UI you are reporting. Have you tried disabling OpenGL rendering from ScalerSettings? (Black screen - #3 by Frederic)

We will make the next version (2.6) available as a public beta so we can progress faster on those issues with the community feedback.

It will contain improvements to the UI performance on top of other bug fixes, so things should get better really soon.

I will be posting the link to the forum once the beta is available.



Thank @Ed1 I’ll also tag @davide in here because he replied to me in a different post.

Much better! Looks like the issue may have been Open-GL (I haven’t tested extensively but right now there seems to be a significant improvement under both Rosetta, and natively).

I saw a little improvement in the situation yesterday, but not significant, and frustratingly I’m not sure what I did to bring that about. The only real change I can think of is that I did have two versions of Logic in my Applications folder (I figured each app would be Sandboxed and this wouldn’t be a problem, but I compressed the one I wasn’t using just to be safe, and it may have been coincidental timing, but things seemed to run slightly better afterwards - but there was still a lot of lag).

During testing I also could have sworn that the app ran faster when my monitor was set to default scaling than when it was scaled - again, could be my imagination but thought I’d mention it in case there’s something to it.

As this is potentially solved for me and we know the issue can present itself on my machine, please feel free to reach out if you’d like me to do any tests in order to try to resolve it for others. As mentioned, I’m happy to do a Zoom and make changes so you can see what’s happening in real-time.