Scaler 2 Vs Theoryboard

Hey guys! I was about to go ahead and spend $699 on a theoryboard , so I can play all the chords and notes in a certain scale already mapped to the keybed. Since I don’t know music theory. I mainly use guitar plugins such as ample sound

Is this something Scaler 2 can accomplish? Or should I get a theoryboard?

Yes you can already do this with Scalar 1.8 so either get that or wait a couple weeks for Scalar 2. Way more flexible than Theoryboard.


Any idea on pricing???

Wait…I can reassign where the notes or chords are on my keyboard?

Yes. You can map the scales to your keyboard in a few different ways. I like mapping the notes of the scale to the white keys. Also you can set up one octave of your keyboard to trigger chords from the scale and then the other keys to trigger only notes (and extensions) from the currently playing chord.
A lot more powerful than Theroryboard.
You can do lots more, like, auto inversions, voicing suggestions, chord progressions, humanize, strum, ARP, melody and loads more. There is a lot of stuff in there. You really need to demo it.

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Oh fantastic! Yea I’m a guitar player not a keyboardist, so I didn’t know if this would even be an option for a noob like me lol