Scaler 2 with Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio to record audio/MIDI

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could assist…

I’m trying to record audio or even MIDI direct using scaler 2 VST into Mixcraft 9 Pro Studio…
I want to be able to do this as an Audio and then separately as a MIDI.

I’ve managed to sync scaler 2 with no issues and it play with no issues… but I’m unable to record this directly as an audio or a MIDI file. Here’s half an example of what I mean:

So what I want to do is record this direct in Mixcraft 9. Can you advise if this is possible please?

I was wondering if someone could assist…

Thanks in advance peeps!

Hi Peeps

My configuration PC/win11 - Mixcraft 9 pro build470 - with Scaler2.7.3 VST (Solution works on both VST2 and 3)

I have found a solution for routing Scaler2 midi output to one or more instrument tracks in Mixcraft 9. (cords triggered by a single key press or pad hit in scaler2, are recorded as full cords in your nominated instrument track.)
((Also Note that Scaler2 has a function to capture its own midi output that can then be drag-dropped into a Mixcraft9 track. Bit clunky but it works))

This solution uses LoopBe1 (simple midi router ) loaded into Mixcraft 9 to take the Scaler2 midi output and provide it as a midi input to a midi instrument (of your choice) on another Mixcraft9 track.

The following link to YouTube video from Mixcraft shows how to do this midi routing for a plugin called Cordz … just load in Scaler2 to that track instead of the Cordz plugin.

Mixcraft Mixperiment 3 - BAM A solution for using chord and arpeggiator plugins in Mixcraft-1.mp4" (this is not a link just video name)

Let me know how you go … it works a treat for me.

PS I’m fairly new to both Mixcraft and Scaler so if there’s a better solution please let me know. And any tips that make life easier would be most welcome.

I’ve found Mixcraft and Scaler to be great products, pity they don’t get on a little better in the schoolyard.