Scaler 2 Workflow | Developing a Musical Idea

Hi all here’s a video from Tristan. I think it’s a great video and wraps up a lot of the features used on a day to day basis and is useful as an up to date workflow video. More coming soon!


And it shows how to switch performance with CC commands (though specific I think to the DAW)

Learn something new every day e.g. using midi cc to select performances in Scaler. Now all I’ve got to do is learn how to do this in Reaper. Got it.

Minua kiinnostaisi kuinka se tehdään Logicissa?

En voi auttaa sinua siinä, minulla ei ole logiikkaa

Blue Cat Audio Freeware plugins includ a “gain suite” which is a series of gain utilities which let you control the volume of one or several audio tracks simultaneously, in real time.

No, I can do this in Reaper as well as Ableton Live 11, and you can do this multiple times with different ccs recalling different performances.

Thinking about this you should be able to apply midi cc to change performances in any DAW that supports automation.

Interessante ed istruttivo…Peccato che le spiegazioni vengono fatte con velocità fulminea e questo piccolo dettaglio non aiuta chi si è avvicinato alle potenzialità di Scaler 2. Magari la prossima volta riferite a Tristan che se rallenta un po’ quando produce una video lezione, molti di noi gli invierebbero tante benedizioni… :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Ja, genau! Das find ich auch total gut, dass wir jetzt alle in unserer jeweiligen Muttersprache miteinander reden, dann hat auch Google Translate mehr davon. LOL :laughing:


Are you guys trying to make me feel inadequate? I speak only two languages: English and American, and I also have a smattering of Australian. LOL

Well, they have succeeded with me …
I guess the Brits get away with their linguistic inadequacies because English has/had become a global Lingua Franca over the last 100 years. I used to spend a lot of time in Hong Kong, and the staff there would speak to their colleagues in Shanghai in English because the Cantonese speaking HK people didn’t speak the Shanghai Mandarin dialect of the staff there, and vice versa.

I speak English and Derbyshire, England (a dialect from the area of my childhood) e.g.
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PUT TWOOD INTOIL-- close the door
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AYUP-- alternative for NA’THEN

Google failed on all these.
I think @DaveK58 has become an unusual expert (from an American) on English dialects, from all his trips here :slight_smile:


Flattered by the thought, but regrettably no. When we were in Northumberland in June, draining pints and swapping chats with the locals in a fairly small town, my wife had to translate for me more than once. I can differentiate between a Yorkie accent and southern England, but that’s about as far as it gets.

What’s most frustrating is that none of them have trouble understanding us.

Well then, feel free to mix it up, for some linguistic diversity :laughing:

So accordingly, “mind thysen, abelt thee one, put twood intoil” would mean “move out of the way or I hit you with the closing door”, or as Americans would say “don’t let the door hit you in the back when you leave:rofl:

Servito!, lo abbiamo passato a Tristan!

PS - @savergiu is asking that Tristan slows down a bit! - I’ve passed it on.

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Grazie infinite per l’interessamento…Vorrei, con le mie limitazioni da apprendista, poter imparare il più possibile da chi ha la capacità di trasmettere il suo sapere.


Thanks for your contribution.