Scaler 2 Workflow Video - Making an Entire Track using Scaler


wow this is a nice tutorial, thank you
is voice grouping only available in 2? why have i not noticed that feature in the beta or 1?

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Also in Scaler 1, Introduced around 1.7 from memory. More grouping profiles in Scaler 2

This video, along with the additional in-depth video, is what got me to purchase Scaler. It was pretty impressive to see what this plugin could do. I used the trial less than 3 hours (most of it learning the plugin), but then purchased it immediately. I hope that I can be allowed in on the beta to experience the ingredients that were in these videos. I am aware now that I ended up with the 1.8 instead. It still is a powerhouse regardless. I have written 3 new songs using it in just a few hours time already. Very helpful tool for new creativity. I have never really learned music, but I am very in tune with theory and what sounds good (by ear only) because of my wide exposure in the music realm and my openess to all of it. So this plugin feels natural even though I have no real music theory knowledge and have no formal music training and have not physically learned more than about 10 songs anyone has written other than friends originals.

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