Scaler 3.0 and beyond request house cleaning

Add visual update markers of the added chord sets for each update of scaler.for example and better understanding. In pigments the Arturia plugin each update includes the version update for the persets actually see the update pigments 5.0 and under that list are all the new presets added. Pigments 4.0 all the presets added.for scaler chord set can there be and similar way to see which chord sets were added for each update while inside of scaler 3.0. Yes i understand the information is in the release notes when installing. Still after i open scaler it can get clutter and not specific which new chords sets were added with each new update.

I usely go straight to the newly added chord sets after each update of scaler its so meny chords sets now i would be very thankful and appreciative of a visual update of added chordsets listing while inside of scaler also the added instruments or bass articulations are usely up next to listen to the new added. That would be nice also to have them all with and this was added update #number next to them all house cleaning and organizing.

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