Scaler (+ AA Strum-GS) is good at... Soukous

Hi there

Yesterday, after a fruitful nature hicking, wher we see about 50 Alpine chamois, a dozen of female red deers (the shoot below) and some rock-goats

I eventualy found a way to create a vibe in the Soukous Loketo style

As you listen, the guitar is different in African music, being a sort of “drums”, repetitive and hypnotic, and I love this music because I had some Congolese friends and I danced a lot with them in the eighties, so here is the trick

The easier way to have this rhythm is using one-chord basslines, not necessarily in the funky area

Then you must feed with Scaler 2 identical guitars, as far as they can produce a funky arp rhythm (one guitar) and any kind of arpeggio not necessarily funk (the other guitar)

Here I used Pop Arp 3 of the Electric DI bank (imitations of famous guitars, like telecaster etc. without any effects) but using loops from the Classic guitar bank: this is possible in AAS Strum-GS 2, I don’t know in other guitar plugins

And here is the 2nd guitar where I tested any arp in the funky area; even in this case, banks & loops are mixed up

The mix of the 2 is is a guitar round that closely reminds the Loketo ones, so accordingly to @Hulkko I created a polyrhythmic rhythm without knowing it was one :crazy_face:

Feel free to test the combinations, and let me know what happens to you


polyrhythmic rhythms are used in African music.

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@don1thedon do you like this kind of music?

Not my kind of music Claudio but likin’ the Alpine chamois, deers and rock-goats.

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