Scaler + AAS Strum-GS 2 = gazillions of original patterns - Part I

Hi there chord pals

When I started my sparkling career in the bad-room-composer (error intended :rofl:) field, I used my plugins, notably the guitar, in the very basic Loop mode (exactly like in photography where I used my camera mostly as a “point & shoot” :crazy_face: :cold_face:)

At that time I disliked the scarce options of patterns offered by e.g. AAS Strum-GS, and this is why I tried harpies and randomizers first, but I realized that their output was too “mechanical”

One fine day I found Scaler and its amazing capacity to stimulate creativity, but even the option to drive AAS Strum-GS in new ways

So I added to the Loop option the Guitar option, either used with my right hand or driven by Scaler

But even this way, my feeling was that the possible patterns were too little and this is why I tried other plugins as e.g. the MusicLab guitars

I abandoned them just because my old PC wasn’t able to cope with, so having now a brawny one I tried RealPC again and… Well, I realized that it entices me way less today; why?

The reason is that the RealPC sound is very dull out-of-the-box

But, above all, nowadays I master AAS Strum-GS 2 very well and I found that using multiple instances of AAS Strum-GS 2 driven by one Scaler gives me gazillion of incredible patterns, and this opens the door to an advice: don’t give up with a tool before you master it, that requires a lot of time, but can reward you a lot

And now I’ll explain how getting gazillions of original patterns from AAS Strum-GS 2 (and possibly other plugins)

Create a dreaming series of chords with Suggest (I use it a lot and I looove it)

Bisguitars.xml (14.4 KB)

Then set this routing where the MIDI Polyshers serve to stop unwanted changes of loops

and now try these guitar presets

The trick works amazingly for funky, jazz, latin and blues tunes, but I’m sure it can works for everything

As you see under red and green lines, both guitars uses the Take 3 Bank, but the Packs are not the default ones, and you can even use totally unmatched Packs as e.g. Latin or Pop, as far as your ears find a suitable and matching combinate pattern

These hotchpotchs of everything, together with changes in AAS Strum-GS 2 Tempo and Voicing, let you create gazillions of original patterns that are impossible to get in the normal way

For example, I created flamenco tunes with blues patterns, or the opposite way

Just your creativity, imagination, and ears are needed to do that mojo

Have fun


Haven’t tried that. I skip all that and use Sundog Studio at Feelyoursound. Mix and syncopate patterns and lengths to create finger picking patterns. It’s not as pretty as Scaler but very effective.

BTW, if interested, I did a Part II with further tips

I am sure it is, but I prefer that Scaler drives dedicated plugins, because their output is closer to the real stuff, and finding the right combinations (Scaler + plugins) is easy, funny and enticing