Scaler + AAS Strum-GS 2 = gazillions of original patterns - Part II

Hi pals

I did a similar mini-tutorial in the past, but I think this Part II can add some tip

Here is the guitar I used, in Loop mode, and with the AAS new bank called Velvet Chic

And here is the routing

To have the chords in the right place, I just used a Scaler range

Scaler-chords.xml (12.5 KB)

while to have arpeggios in the right place I used Pitch +12

And now audit one of these Scaler statuses

Scaler-arpeggio2.xml (12.3 KB)

Other arpeggios

Scaler-arpeggio3.xml (12.3 KB)
Scaler-arpeggio4.xml (12.3 KB)
Scaler-arpeggio5.xml (12.3 KB)
Scaler-arpeggio6.xml (12.3 KB)

And, another trick to make riffs more varied: I select part of the chords and I change the patterns

Note: all chords for arpeggios are identical, to make it easy, but you can use any chords

And, try to change resolutions, and transposition, because all that produces other variations

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