Scaler and the Chanel 1 issue:

The Forum informed me that as a “New” member I had reached my limit of posts to one topic . . . .? . . . . so, to stay in the loop with Slydyne and Ed1 my only option was to start a “new” topic. So here goes, sorry if this is against the rules . . . but it seems like an odd rule.

Having gotten Scaler and SONAR X3 to all work together, there is some discussion of “why” and “the limits it imposes” on channel 1 selection. It has been stated that Scaler ONLY transmits on channel 1; and that has proven to be true. ( well channel one and OMNI, which is still channel 1 and all the others).

But I set up Track 1 with Scaler VSTi on channel 1 and my First VSTi (Lounge Lizard) on Track 2 receiving MIDI from Scaler channel 1. I then set up track 3 with VSTi (EZ Keys) receiving from channel 1 also.

The results: with Scaler’s Speaker Button ON:
All three channels receive MIDI input. BUT you can mute any one of them to "take them out of the mix or change their Receive MIDI Channel to any other channel 2-16.

The results with Scaler’s Speaker Button OFF:
ONLY Track 2 and track 3 receive MIDI Info; The Scaler Track 1 is 'Mute". It therefore allows another Instrument to “take over” MIDI channel 1 within the 'MIX".

Scaler is designed as a Utility Tool to provide 'Music Theory" and Chord Progression/Mode dictionary like services. Throw in a MIDI Chord Progression Builder that provides a way to import that progression into any MIDI track for further refinement; the ability to see the name of the notes played and the names of the chords as they are played and provides a way to do that ALL within Scaler using Scaler’s instruments if you desire; and you have a great MIDI Utility.

I don’t believe Scaler is meant to be an “Instrument” as part of a 'MIX"; but rather, an efficient tool to create the MIDI tracks to trigger ANY VSTi ( or Hardware) tones in your MIX. As such, once you are finished with Scaler, simply Mute its Track and use channel one for any track/VSti you choose.

I hope this makes sense and hope even more that it is correct. I’m VERY new at this Utility but it seems to all make sense that this is the best way to use Scaler.

Blessings, Bo
Attached is a screen shot of my Three Tracks.


Thanks for posting this, it will be helpful to other I am sure.
It seems correct and it is a good way to configure the routing and enable/disable it quickly.

To go further, there are many ways to route MIDI depending on your DAW, hardware and preferences. There are even utilities you can put between Scaler and your instruments if you require fine tuning of the routing or more complex setup (like Blue Cat’s PatchWork for example).