Scaler arpeggiator

Recently, I have been using nexus arpeggios. I think it’s good. I hope scaler also has such a function

Here, each MIDI note will automatically play the chord tones in turn
The position of your point is different and the rhythm is different, but you will play the inner chord in turn. You can play octave or out of chord by adjusting up and down

Here, you can select up, down, etc. up represents the input chord from bottom to top, down is from top to bottom, and poly is the playing chord

You can only play bass here

Here you can set the playing speed, length, and so on

However, nexus has a problem that it cannot export midi.
I think their arpeggiator is very practical. Of course, many software are designed like this. I’m just used to nexus.

Avenger has the same design, but the appearance has changed

These software are just arpeggios. Want them to finish the work. The core is chord progression.
Scaler is the best tool for finding chords.
Since scaler is already so excellent, it should be well designed on the arpeggio.
These are my expectations for scaler arpeggio. I hope to come soon

Is that Vengeance Avenger synth?
I would like a much more powerful arp in Scaler as well.
Nexus holds no interest for me since it doesn’t output it’s MIDI.

I’m quite happy with RandArp, and it’s free.

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yes.Vengeance Avenger arp.

Yes. Nexus doesn’t output midi. I don’t know why they design like this.
Drag and drop is popular now, but they can’t output MIDI, hahaha
But a stupid way is to let nexus generate audio, analyze and edit it with melody, and then come out with midi. Of course, no one does this. It’s too troublesome.
The core of all this is actually chord progression. The purpose of my post is to make scaler improve the arpeggio as soon as possible. This is very important. What do you think?

I remember you said it in the past, but I’ve been trying.
Can this generate MIDI and drag it to other instrument tracks?

As I said above I would like to see a more powerful Arp in Scaler. There are Arps that are MIDI plugins that are quite powerful but none that I am that taken by.

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If nexus has midi output, it is my favorite

Yes, it does generate MIDI, and you can record it in DAW’s MIDI tracks, and drag it from there wherever.
And I am mentioning it again because Jamie likes it when I keep talking about the same ol’ things :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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I also want to join you, let us discuss together. Looking forward to “scaler arp” together :smiley:

Scaler’s Arp is basic but has evolved and serves its purpose. Hitherto! Looking to develop this nicely…


We discuss, analyze and express our favorite functions through pictures and words.
Make scaler ARP our favorite and everyone’s favorite.
Let’s come on together :grinning:

Have you ever used chordposition

In fact, it can be used to make ARP of any software
Chordposition also supports MIDI out
The inner sound can be written freely (only chord inner sound)
However, it still feels a little cumbersome. After all, it has to be connected to other musical instruments, and its interface is not very fashionable. It even feels like doing math problems
So sometimes I prefer the arpeggio in nexus, but as you said, nexus has no output
Anyway, I feel that there are ways, but the more trouble, the more it affects my mood and creation.
Because of this, I want scaler to improve ARP

I suggest that the existing scales should not be changed. They are all very good. You can continue to improve the directory.
You can develop a separate interface to make a better arpeggiator
Many voice plug-ins don’t have arpeggiator before
They were added recently
Nexus is 3.0. Although there was before 2.0, it was not so easy to use.

I downloaded the demo for ChordPotion and it seems quite interesting. I’ll keep playing around with it but the demo has limitations. I wish you could enter/edit patterns manually.

I still don’t understand why you like Harpies so much…

The input number of “chordpotion” makes me feel like I’m not making music.
It will greatly reduce my fun of playing music.
Personally, I still like the design of nexus arpeggio and Avenger arpeggio.
But none of them have the ability to drag and drop MIDI directly.
I expect Scaler to be better than they designed. :grinning:

what Harpies? :grinning:

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What do you mean, “The input number”? I like the fact that it can send things out to different MIDI Channels. I just route Scaler directly to Chord Potion and then to a piano. Sounded musical to me.

I’m talking about here. Enter numbers in edit.

Right, I see that now. Could be worse. How do you enter them in Nexus?