Scaler bug - always plays pattern even without MIDI when Ableton Live playing

Scaler 2.7.2 bug - always plays pattern even without MIDI notes being sent with midi set to “bind incoming midi notes to chord triggers” whenever Ableton Live playing. This kind of makes all the lower section with patterns useless when attempting to control Scaler with Live DAW. I am unable to upload video on this site, which would clearly show this. So for now is a screen shot where you see a chord being played with setup described

Ableton Live 11.7.2
MacOS Monterey
Happens with VST and VST3

Scalar 2.5 did not have this issue.

Hi @wren

it looks like you might have the DAW-Sync enabled which triggers the playback of the Section C when your DAW starts playing.

Right-Click on the play button in the Section C to disable it.

That fixed it, I tried going through all these settings to no avail. Right clicking play button and switching off fixed it, thank you!

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