Scaler Control blasting a note from the VST it is controlling!

I can use the Scaler 2 VST without any issues but whenever I use Scaler Control to control another instrument it constantly plays a single note without me pressing anything. I am not sure why this is but it is very very very annoying.

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Hi @KrispyKeenz and welcome to the forum,

You are probably using a mac M1 with Monterey.

Could you please try running Logic with Rosetta, here is a tutorial to do it:


Could you guys please fix this? more and more people are on M1 with logic now, and its more CPU consuming to run logic via Rosetta.

Hi Wilmo,

Welcome to the forum. I maybe misunderstanding your quesion, but when you say

are your asking the Scaler team to fix an issue when running Logic in Apple’s OS?