Scaler Control not syncing tempo in Logic for iPad

Scaler as an instrument syncs tempo fine, however Scaler Control as a Midi FX won’t sync correctly for me.
It seems to remember the last tempo set in Scaler and, even if you turn DAW sync on and off, plays at that tempo - irrespective of what it displays as a tempo in Scaler.

iPad Air 4 - latest versions of iPadOS, Logic and Scaler


Hey @zzrwood The team is looking into this, seems there is a sync issue running Midi FX within Logic Pro for iPad at 48kHz and above. Can you try switching Logic’s sample rate to 44kHz in the meantime?


Yes, that fixes it if I create a new project with the default sample rate set to 44.1
If I change an existing project it gets confused, and doesn’t work - throwing a sample rate error referring to an external device, even though no external devices are connected. (Screenshot below). That may be a Logic issue though.
Thanks for the prompt responses and workarounds… :+1:


Hi, @davide, thanks for the hack.

I am a first time poster here, but I am a longtime scaler user on the desktop. I am also really into the iOS music scene.

Thanks for this work around right now. I have confidence you guys will work it out. As I’ve watched Scaler evolve over the years, I’ve been so impressed. Thanks again.

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Hi @davide :wave: Is there any news about this? This issue still exists.

Hi Artem, this fix need to come from Apple, MIDI FX are not passing sample rate on in Logic Pro for iPad. Switching Logic’s sample rate to 44kHz works for now.

Hi Davide! Thanks for the reply. Let me ask one more thing: If you have already found out that this is a bug on the Apple side, have you informed them?

Yes we have @Artem Have you? :sunglasses:

@davide Yes, I sent it via the feedback form. :slight_smile: